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Matt Berman Design was formed in 1996 to address a need in the

performance and event community where the performance aspect of

an evening was under-represented and not properly theatricalized to

give it the focus that it deserved. Although the company has grown

an its client base has broadened dramatically over the years, the main goal of providing theatricality and focus to a project remains.

     A full service company, Matt Berman Design can deliver large scale commercial productions where we service everything from the physical staging, lighting, sound as well as all of the design and operation aspects. We also work with individual performers or organizations that have a need for our unique brand of focused, customized production work. Our greatest strength is that we understand that no two productions are the same. Every performance or event is it’s own special and unique creation. No two shows are the same, no two audiences are the same. We believe that's something to celebrate rather than try to make it fit in to a pre-packaged form.


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