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    Hey there, I’m Matt Berman and thanks for checking out my site.  In case you don’t know me at all, here’s a bit about me.

    I was born and raised on the North Shore of Chicago and headed east to attend Drew University making my way towards a BA focusing on acting.  I then transferred to ASU which I found to be a bit overwhelming, and where they found my acting talents to be a bit underwhelming.  Still wanting to be involved in the theater, I focused more on the technical side of things so that I could stay involved.  Well, fortunately I had that “ah ha!” moment when I realized that although I had been in the right profession, I had actually just found my proper vocation.  Realizing the error of my ways I quickly changed my major to a BFA in technical theater.

After college I moved back to NYC where I began working as a lighting/sound designer at the original Duplex cabaret, where I developed my love for performers who can just stand there and sing an entire story.  

    From the Duplex I moved on to the be the technical director of Eighty Eight’s and while there was invited by performers to design for them at all the clubs in town; Rainbow & Stars, Maxim’s, Steve McGraw’s, The Triad, Don’t Tell Mama and pretty much any place else that was open in the Nineties.  Evidently others enjoyed my work as much as I enjoyed doing it and I was the almost comically consistent recipient of the MAC Award (Manhattan Association of Cabarets) for seven years.

    All the while I maintained my love for musical theater and plays and was fortunate to keep my toes in that pond as well.  Working at most of the off-Broadway houses, I got to design the lighting and/or sound for almost 20 different shows.  During this parallel course, I managed to get my equity card as a Stage Manager.

Between the performers, directors, producers and organizations that I met along the way, I started getting called upon to do the production end of many unconventional performance situations, in addition to the theatrical ones.     And thus, my company was born.  Along the way I’ve gathered together an amazing team of top notch designers and technicians to help me service our growing list of performers and clients.

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