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Matt Berman has got what you need to look and sound like a pro.  And it's no secret why.  He has been in Sound & Lighting Design for 30+ years and worked with countless stars and performers on stages across the globe and, now, in their living rooms.


STEP 1-Virtual Production Meeting

This is when we would connect online to discuss what you need your system to do and assess any new equipment that may need to be acquired to accomplish those goals.

From "Social" to "Professional,"

and everything in between.


STEP 2-Design

Based on our meeting, we'll determine what equipment and setup is the best suited for your particular lighting,  sound (and any effects) needed.


STEP 3-Shop Prep

I send you links to all of the equipment that I recommend for you to purchase.  This way we cut out the middleman and the equipment arrives to you more quickly.


STEP 4-Our Virtual Tech

We set up, position and dial-in your new system, test it out and you'll be ready to go!



It's more affordable than you think!


Prices start at $100 for all of the above mentioned services.  

Equipment is not included.  

We work together to find the gear that will fit your budget and needs.  




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